Alphabets Chenille Embroidery Patch is Gone Virus Popular for Shirts and Hoodie

Fashion hoodie with chenille letter embroidery patch


In the recently monthes, chenille letters embroidery patches are very popular for diy designs of shirts and hoodies,

bags, cosmetic bags, pants, even for infant clothes, teens clothes.

So today let us talk more about the fashion accessories for hoodies and pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts.


These chenille embroidery letter patches are very suitable for streetclothes,fashion garment, brand promotion,

holiday festival decoration.

especially for Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, meet Halloween and Christmas, people love to DIY those words


These chenille letter embroidery patch are heat press on hoodies and sweatshirt, iron on clothes by heat press

machine. usually temparature is 150 degrees, and 3kgs pressure. It will be steady and nice after washed the clothes,

the colors can be different, like red, pink, blue, orange, white and black, green, yellow.

26letters, 10colors, you can DIY by yourself. 


If you only have the hoodies and sweatshirt, no heat press machine, you can also use ironer to iron the patch on clothes,

it is very easy to operate at your home by yourself. and if you make the garment in our factory, we will provide one-stop-service

to iron on those letters directly and as a whole set finished product before we ship the goods to you. 


Now it is Autumn,  Winter is coming very soon, fleece sweatshirt and hoodies, down jacket, pants and shoes.

it can be iron on, also can be sew-on clothes, it is a very good way to identify your brand, your clothes designs,

impress your customers, garment accessories are the small part, but very important part for the whole clothes,

the garment brand. Every nice clothing brand are trying so hard to make people remember their product serious,

identify it from others, not only on the clothing quality part, but also the brand logo, accessories part. 


T-shirts fabric usually is 100% cotton, super fit these chenille letter patches by iron on.

Also got other styles chenille patch, they are fluffy, soft, very good for Winter design Clothes, especiall for teenagers clothes,

and school bags, cosmetic bags, toys. Mostly are on clothes, like this hoodie as below picture, so cute and nice.

Wish all those different accessories will make your brand clothes in a higher level, quality design, selling price is much



Bayee supplies over 100 new designs every season and more than 50000pcs per month. Our R&D team keep

discovering new material, technology and solutions for EU & America clients in the past 10 years, so we knew well

on the quality requirements and trendy designs of the market, to improve their brands in a higher level.

Our R&D team keep making new designs every season for EU & America clients in the past 10 years, so we knew well

on the quality requirements and trendy designs of the market, then we can help clients to develop the brand better and faster.


One stop service about optional different garment accessories and custom packing for your brand.

Warmly welcome to cooperate with us, pleasure to be your long-term reliable supplier and friends.

Post time: Oct-08-2022