wow, It is officially November now, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming very very soon, it is gifts time. But do not panic, we have got you a lot of great gift ideas before you march to shopping mall and searching all different gifts crazy. 

So we put together a 2022 Holiday Gift Collection for all of Your Gifting needs this year! 


Autumn and Winter collection baseball hoodies, down jackets, these are more than fashion, but also warm, how nice they can be a winter gifts! Also the one you loved, family and friends are wearing your love, your gift through the holiday, festival, new year, that is wonderful. Whether your loveds ones are sports type or business type, there is something in our collection for everyone. Business type or casual wear for men, there are some designs for your options. How about these shinning leather jacket, with fur?  Super cool and trendy designs. Most important thing is that Bayee provides custom design garment and do export business over 10years.  From raw materials to custom designs, and logo, packings that all are one-stop-service.



For Girls gifts, we don’t think we like to wear those much heavy type, but we do have some trendy crop top designs for fashion gilrs. It can be fashion outwear or gym clothes, casual type are all great. Fitness wear is very popular nowdays, not only wear it in gym or outdoor workout, but also cascual wear stylish. Bayee uses sustainable fabric for those clothes designs, so if you are about to shopping holiday gifts, try these awsome ideas. warmly holiday, warmly gifts. 



Post time: Nov-04-2022