What is the seamless clothes?

What is the seamless clothes?

Traditional workmanship usually requires cutting and sewing to complete a piece of cloth, which greatly limits the comfort of the inner clothing. But seamless knitting technology makes the "seamless stitching" of close-fitting inner clothing become a reality.
Seamless clothing has no stitches or seams, which is a new and innovative way of manufacturing clothing. The absence of stitches and seams brings a number of benefits, especially when it comes to fitness clothing.
Seamless technology allows different knitted structures to be seamlessly joined on the same piece of fabric. Not only the jersey fabrics and meshes of different colors are combined on the same piece of fabric, but also the fabrics of different structures and functions are combined, which greatly improves the comfort of the fabrics. Especially its excellent functional performance in fitness, running, yoga and training. Some special knitted structures can provide excellent protection for athletes during sports.
Seamless production process is short, can improve the production efficiency. Since seamless knitted fabrics do not need a lot of cutting and stitching, it saves the amount of raw materials and reduces the cost; And from the aspect of processing, it shortens the technology process, reduces the time, and improves the production efficiency.
Seamless knitted fabrics are woven on a special circular knitting machine, the woven well fabric is a whole piece,simple workmanship can make a cloth out, so the stitches on the sides of shoulders, and the outside of the trousers are omitted.At the same time, the special seamless structure can make the garment bear the pressure evenly, and has good elasticity and resilience, so that the wearer will not feel tight.

Seamless clothes advantages: non-chafing, improved durability, flexibility, light breathable fabric, beautiful, straight, seamless-like, high elastic, flat and high-strength patchwork effect. Commonly used in the production of underwear and sportswear (such as gym fitness clothes and yoga clothes).


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How To Choose Gym Clothing For You?

When choosing the right gym clothing for you think about what your training is like. You need to wear something that will allow you to carry out your training regimen without your clothing hindering you or restricting your movement.

Seamless clothing is the innovative new way to suit your training requirements, and the range has something for all.

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